IOTA Supports Human Empowerment

The IOTA Foundation champions human empowerment through open innovation and citizen-centric governance models.


We work with governments, intergovernmental organizations and innovators around the world to create real-world use cases for Distributed Ledger and Internet-of-Things technologies (DLT & IoT) that serve people and planet in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Convergent Technologies for Social Good

Technological breakthroughs in distributed computing, IoT connectivity, machine learning, and other cross-border technologies open new pathways to governance, cooperation and value creation.

We aim to build a portfolio of strategic proofs-of-concept (PoCs) and pilot projects to demonstrate how permissionless innovation ecosystems in general, and the IOTA Tangle in particular, can empower individuals to engage more meaningfully with one another and with the global economy.


Governance Innovation

Our goal is to establish IOTA as a trustworthy partner for open, collaborative governance innovation experiments.

In addition, we engage proactively with decision-makers and forward-thinkers to shape supportive legal and policy frameworks for DLT and IoT innovation globally.


IOTA’s Tangle Technology Supports a Citizen-centric Internet-of-Things

Our increasingly interconnected world makes it ever more complex to understand and respond to societal challenges.


IOTA helps to tackle this problem by making it possible to gather, validate, transfer and analyze data quickly and cheaply. By combining the information gleaned from real-time data streams with well-known principles from market and social economics, governments, companies, civil society organizations, and even private individuals can use IOTA to create powerful incentivize schemes that motivate people to respond to society’s greatest challenges in ways that collectively help overcome them.

IOTA’s role in this is to securely store information and ensure digital trust, data integrity and security in data transfers. IOTA’s Tangle serves as a single source of truth. It enables decision-makers to understand and reduce complexity and makes trustworthy data the bedrock of transparent, evidence-based policies and interventions for a sustainable future.

IOTA, Distributed Ledger Technology, in Protecting our Rainforests

At present, IOTA’s Social Impact Team is focused on creating the building blocks needed to allow cutting edge IoT and machine learning technologies to serve the greater good: A universally accepted digital identity scheme for people and goods -- the foundation of interoperability and coherent governance structures under challenging conditions. Secure, tamper-proof data -- the basis for real-time analysis of crucial ecological developments and the improvement of human living conditions. Connectivity on both sides of the “digital divide” -- the key to equitable participation and empowerment for all individuals across the global economy, irrespective of their location or economic background.

The Tangle is designed with a fee-free architecture in order to fulfil our mission to empower people for a more just and sustainable future. By offering a secure, scalable and feeless transaction settlement layer, IOTA equips machines to empower humans via their participation in flourishing peer-to-peer sharing economies.

Please join us on this mission. Meaningful technology cannot evolve in isolation. We invite you to become part of our social innovation ecosystem and collaborate on the pressing challenges of our time by contributing your time, resources, and ideas.

Contact us at impact@iota.org for more information.


Current Projects

Social change to be achieved with the IOTA’s innovative, open-source Tangle


▪ User-centric, self-sovereign digital identity systems; (in development) Bringing digital identity to everyone, everywhere. 1 billion people globally still need a legally recognized means of identification. The Tangle’s strong focus on security and its fitness for edge devices and low-bandwidth connectivity spectrums make it perfect for tackling the difficult challenge of providing verifiable digital identities even in remote environments.

▪ Environmental Sustainability (in development) Harnessing the power of IoT devices to govern natural resources more fairly and sustainably. We are leveraging the convergence of technologies such as advanced sensors, artificial intelligence and improved connectivity to understand more about our environment and design evidence-based policy interventions to protect it.

▪ Remote Connectivity; (in development) Bringing the advantages of distributed ledger technologies to the most remote corners of the world. We are leveraging the unique capabilities of the Tange to empower small scale farmers and local communities to participate more fairly in global supply chains, monitor their crops and gain access to new finance and insurance mechanisms that bridge the global digital divide. By combining IOTA with mesh networking capabilities, and long and short range transmission methods, remote connectivity issues and low bandwidth can see drastic improvements. Allowing rural locations to benefit from the technological advancements of urban locations.

▪ Making the IoT & Machine-to-Machine Economy Citizen-Centric (in development) Fostering growing public participation in city and local governments. We are working to bring citizen-generated and government-controlled data together into curated data marketplaces that facilitate the development of smart cities and smart citizen services while also protecting citizens’ privacy. In addition, we are exploring ways to apply our technology for:

▪ Democratization of Space
▪ Refugee support services
▪ Global cash transfers
▪ Financial system access for the unbanked, and much more

We have only begun to get a glimpse of the social change to be achieved with the IOTA’s innovative, open-source Tangle. Come explore with us and help build the future!